Service to the Department, College, University, and the Discipline is a key part of an academic’s scholarly life and career. I believe in the concept of a “community.” I belong to many communities in my professional and personal lives, and my involvements in these communities enrich my very existence. In many ways, the communities I belong to shape who I am. My philosophy for service and community engagement can be summed up in a simple phrase, “Bridging Differences.” I believe in synergy, collaboration, and bringing people from different backgrounds together towards a common goal. This philosophy is expressed in many ways through my service.

First, as a faculty co-advisor of Lambda Pi Eta, the official honor society of the National Communication Association at Chapman, I worked with Dr. Fran Dickson and Dr. Veronica Hefner to implement a new requirement for screening Communication Studies majors into the society. That is, students have to demonstrate both academic excellence in the classroom and leadership contribution to the community. Traditionally, many students may think of time spent in community leadership is time otherwise could be better spent studying for exams. The two have often been assumed to be incompatible goals. My philosophy to bridge differences is expressed through my efforts with the Department to recognize students who can bridge the two commitments.

Second, with my undergraduate education in Mechanical Engineering and graduate training in Communication Studies, my philosophy to bridge differences continues to be expressed through my participation in Dean Patrick Quinn’s organization of a series of meetings between the Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Schmid College of Science and Technology. Through this opportunity, I participated as a Wilkinson faculty and contributed to an interdisciplinary dialogue that bridges the two academic colleges. The goal of this dialogue is to create meaningful collaborations that bridge the humanities, social sciences, science, and technology, possibly towards a new graduate degree that is of interest to both college. I am excited about the opportunity to continue bridging differences through my service at this capacity.

Third, in my service to the discipline, I tirelessly review for scholarly journals in my home discipline of Communication (i.e., Communication Education, Western Journal of Communication, Management Communication Quarterly), and in other fields, such as Social Psychology (i.e., Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, CyberPsychology, Behavior, & Social Networking), and Computer Science (i.e., IEEE Computer). My philosophy to bridge differences once again is demonstrated through my service to help scholars advance knowledge across disciplines with my time commitment to review multiple manuscripts and their revisions. While my disciplinary root is strongly grounded in Communication, my research and commitment to the advancement of knowledge will be strongly interdisciplinary.


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